Mandatory Meal Plans

Students living in traditional residence halls (Belk, Galloway, Graham, Hewlett, University Apartments, University Suites, Cornerstone, Honors and International) are required to choose one of the two mandatory meal plans: All Access 5 or All Access 7. These plans are also available to students that do not live in the traditional residence halls.

The Meal Plan Contract encompasses the entire academic year and each semester portion is billed to the Student Account. The fall semester meal plan will be automatically assigned to you for the spring semester if not changed otherwise. Meal plans are not automatically assigned between academic years.

Teal meal swipes on the All Access 7 or All Access 5 plans must all be used in the one week time period which refreshes on Sunday at midnight. The swipes (dining hall or teal meals) that are on the Block 115, 75, or 35 plans must be used within the semester in which they are purchase. Unused Food Dollars are permitted to roll if you purchase a meal plan for the following semester. Rolling is permitted from summer to fall and fall to spring ONLY. All Food Dollars expire at the end of the each spring semester.
  • All-Access 7 $2,050.00

    All-Access 7

    • Unlimited Access per semester
    • $250 Food Dollars
    • 7 Teal Meals & 10 Guest Meals
  • All-Access 5 $1,935.00

    All-Access 5

    • Unlimited Access per semester
    • $150 Food Dollars
    • 5 Teal Meals & 10 Guest Meals

Need help with your meal plan?

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