July 30 - Aug. 8 // 2021 7/30 - 8/8

We are closed from 7/30 through 8/8.

Green Restaurant Certified
Dub’s Café is now a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®. Dub’s Café brings a new rotating menu that will alternate every couple of weeks and make your taste buds burst. We’re excited to bring to you something new, fast, fresh, and healthy including Mediterranean, Southern, Asian, Italian, and Indian menus. The new rotating menus are included on your campus dining meal plan, Dub’s Café continues to highlight locally grown and produced specialties like North Carolina sweet potatoes, locally baked breads and Carolina Smoked Turkey. We have also featured local surf photography by a UNCW student, Chandler Hatch.





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  • Breakfast: $8.75 Cash/Credit |  $7.75 Food Dollars
  • Lunch: $10.50 Cash/Credit | $9.50 Food Dollars
  • Dinner: $12.00 Cash/Credit | $11.00 Food Dollars

*Prices are exclusive of sales tax.

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