All-Access 5

The All Access 5 Meal Plan gives you unlimited access to Wagoner Dining Hall, Dub's Cafe and Wag Out. This includes multiple visits throughout the day for meals, snacks or even just to sit with friends - not just for big eaters! Grab what you want, when you want it or just go to socialize. This plan also comes with 5 Teal Meals, $150 Food Dollars and 10 Guest Meals!

Student meal plans are purchased online through MySeaPort and are billed with tuition and fees. Follow the steps below to purchase your meal plan.
  • Log on to:MySeaPort
  • Click on the Student Services tab
  • On the left menu under Services, click on Student Meal Plan Application
  • In the Dining Application, click Choose Plan and proceed through the selection process.
  • After a plan is purchased it will be available on a student's OneCard.
  • Students can then check their meal plan balance throughout the semester by logging in to the Dining Application.